Why is Clubhouse Blowing Up? Hear From the Influencers

J. Malik is an American spiritual teacher and author who helps high-performance individuals, public figures, influencers, and entrepreneurs unlock their dormant potential by utilizing the “spirit of success”.

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Amanda Doll is the Vice President of Operations & Growth for Team Borham at Keller Williams Realty in beautiful, sunny Tampa Bay, FL. I became licensed in the state of Florida and over the last 6 years have played a leading role in taking Team Borham from $8M to $68M and 2 team members to over 18 team members (and counting). In addition to my role with the team, I also coach real estate agents and operations admin within the Keller Williams family, teach Keller Williams University courses across the country, and run an admin/ops mastermind.

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Katrina Abdullah has been in real estate for over 10 years and has served in many roles. In 2020 after spending a decade learning from top leaders in the industry and serving as CEO of a #1 franchise, Katrina traded in her role for the opportunity to partner and coach with leaders, no matter the brokerage affiliation. She currently serves in the role of Growth Partner with The Locker Room Real Estate Coaching Company.

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Michael Weisman is the CEO and Team Leader of the Real Property Team brokered by EXP Realty.  In recent years, Michael has focused his attention on building a successful real estate team, as well as building a diversified portfolio of both long-term and short-term rental properties. 

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